About Us

This has been a family business for more than 50 years and is currently managed by Susanna and Michael Petkov. Since it was founded, we have attached great importance to solid craftsmanship and the highest quality for our products. Our atelier is located in Vienna’s 6th district, where we work with only the finest textiles. Our pieces are crafted elaborately by hand, using our own unique designs. Since the very beginning, we have been known for our fashion, which stands out thanks to its casual elegance and originality. Our label focusses on clothing that fits the lifestyle of modern women of all ages. A special feature of ours which sets us apart from all other international labels, is that we not only produce all our clothing in Austria, we are also able to produce items from our latest collection within the shortest timeframe. Each item of clothing can be selected by our customer according to their preference in colour, from sizes XXS to XXL, and can be tailor made. There is a 10% surcharge for express orders.



The Designer

Susanna Petkov


Petkov has worked with fashion since her childhood and knitwear has been a particular passion of hers. “A woman has to feel comfortable in her clothing, as this increases her sense of self-worth and ability to emit a positive radiance”, she says. 

Susanna Petkov is supported by a team of experienced colleagues who produce her elaborate designs partly by hand, which are exclusive, individual, artistic and never garish.


What Makes Us Unique

Hardly any other fashion house in the world is able to produce such intricate and high-quality knitwear within the space of a week and deliver it to stores like we do. We don’t have our pieces made abroad, thousands of miles away in low-wage countries, instead we have ours made in Vienna by local artisans. Our atelier is only half an hour away from our Haider-Petkov store on the Wollzeile. 


Yak Wool- Our Favourite Yarn for Autumn and Winter

The yak is a bovine species which can be found in large numbers in the highlands of Central Asia. It plays a key role in the livelihood of those who live there, providing milk, meat, leather and wool. The yak is able to adapt to the harsh weather conditions in the region thanks to its thick coat. This is made up of a rough, shaggy upper layer and a fine, soft, woolly layer underneath. Each spring, the yak sheds this lower layer. Every year, 500g of fine wool can be collected from each yak, which explains the high price of its wool. After thoroughly processing its undercoat, a light, voluminous yarn is produced, which feels wonderful on one’s skin and is better, more beautiful, and lighter than cashmere. 



Rayon is a fabric which has become indispensable to the fashion industry. It has many positive features, such as:

  • is breathable
  • has no electrostatic charge
  • is very absorbent
  • allows heat out
  • drapes nicely
  • is very soft
  • is robust and durable
  • is comfortable to wear
  • comes in vivid colours
  • retains colours excellently
  • can be combined well with other fabrics

Rayon is made of cellulose fibre from natural sources of cellulose, like the wood from beech trees, spruces, pine trees and eucalyptus. We make sure that the renewable raw material of wood is sustainably and responsibly obtained and doesn’t originate from old, endangered forests. Our rayon is ecologically certified by the EU and also has the FSC approval seal, which stands for “a good forest and good wood”.


Caring for Your Clothes

We want you to enjoy your favourite clothes from Petkov for as long as possible. Which is why we want to give you some tips to help you care for your clothing. One such tip is that handwashing your clothes is the best way to clean them. First soak your knitwear in warm water with wool detergent and then rinse it under luke-warm, flowing water.

Please do not use any washing powder, just special liquid wool detergent, as this is specially adapted to animal fibres and is thus the ideal way to clean them. Also, please remember not to hang wet wool clothing to dry. Wool absorbs a lot of water when it’s washed and will become heavy. If you hang the clothes to dry it can change or lose its shape.